Bread knives

Bread knives are utilized for cutting bread and are one of several kitchen knives used by culinary artists. The serrated blades of bread knives are capable to cut gently soft bread devoid of crushing it.

The purpose of employing a serrated knife instead of a straight-edge knife (as in a chef's knife blade) is the serrated blade’s capability to nip into food which are overly tough or squishy for straight blades to acquire a purchase on. The points of the blade submerge into the foods whilst the scooped-out gullies among them decrease the blade’s friction precisely as it goes through the ingredients. Lower friction enables easier ability for the individual to saw backwards and forwards and slice through the foods conviniently and genlty.

They are typically between 15.5 cm and 25.5 cm (6.5 and 10.5 in). An offset serrated knife functions with an offset handle to assure the cook's knuckles will not contact the cutting surface when the blade has cut all of the way throughout the object.

Firstly, it was exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition by the Friedrich Dick company (Chicago,1893).

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