Utility Knives

A utility knife is a blade used for general or utility needs.In the cooking area, a utility knife is among a chef's knife and paring knife in length, around 10.5 cm and 19 cm (4.5 and 7 in).

The popularity of the utility knife has been lowered, and it functions frequently only as filler for knife sets. This drop is credited to this blade being neither fish nor fowl: in contrast to a chef's/cook's knife, it is too small for several foods, has inadequate clearance when used at a cutting surface, and is too vulnerable for bulkier cutting duties, while opposed to a paring knife, which is utilized when cutting between one's hands, (e.g., carving a radish), the extra size provides no profit and indeed creates harder control in these competitive tasks. A serrated blade is sometimes used.

The fixed-blade utility knife was established around 400.000 years ago, when people started to make knives out of stone. These blades were general-purpose knifes, built meant for cutting and shaping woods, scraping hides, making food, and for other utilitarian requirements. By the 19th century the fixed-blade utility knife had evolved into a steel-bladed outdoors field

Utility Knife

Utility Knife

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